13 000 missing from Govt payroll

Zvamaida Murwira Senior Reporter
At least 13 000 people have been rendering service to Government but have not been captured on its pay system, creating an obligation of more than $84 million per year in salary arrears to the already cash-squeezed Treasury, aa Civil Service audit report has revealed.

The audit reveals that 96 percent of the number was found in the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education.

“At least 12 392 persons were found to be rendering services but not on the payroll, implying a committed expenditure of $6 959 760 per month translating to $83 517 120 per annum. It has been observed that 96 percent (11 813) of these members are from the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education. This has the effect of distorting the payroll leaving the system open to abuse in the form of members being allowed to provide services without authority,” reads the report.

“Thereafter they will request for payment for services since there is a legal obligation for the State to pay for services provided which, in essence, amounts to committed expenditure on behalf of Government.”

The report said the Public Service Commission had put in place procedures and timelines for appointment and documents to be processed and submitted to the Salary Service Bureau as well as mechanisms to flush out irregular appointments.

“The Commission will identify and charge the members who failed in this exercise to process and submit appointment documents within the set timelines,” reads the report.

It was noted that at least 3 307 members who were on the payroll could not be accounted for amid revelations that some were already working in the Diaspora with some residing as far as Australia.

The audit also noted that the ministry deployed 1 000 classroom teachers to the provincial, district offices, clusters under BEST programmes, Better Schools Programme Zimbabwe, physical education programmes among others creating an unnecessary expenditure of $540 876 per month translating to $6,5 million annually in replacements.

Overstaffing through lower teacher people ratio, relief teachers stood at 5 588 creating an unnecessary expenditure of $2 794 000 per month which translated to $33 528 000 per year.

“The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education did not put in place mechanisms to reduce the wage bill and failed to adhere to the stipulated teacher-pupil ratios in schools,” reads the report.

Another observation was that School Development Associations employed teachers without requisite qualifications, yet colleges were churning out educators and this resulted in headmasters and deputy headmasters not teaching.

“Heads, some deputy heads and teachers-in-charge were not teaching despite indications on paper that they had classes contrary to the provisions of the ministry’s circular Number 15 of 2006. Some claimed to be teaching guidance and counselling whilst they were not. They use guidance and counselling as a cover for not teaching,” the report reads.

The audit also noted that there were 121 agricultural extension workers deployed by the parent ministry in urban areas where there were no posts for such activities.

On tertiary institutions, it was noted some teacher training and technical colleges were teaching Ordinary and Advanced Level subjects under the guise of bridging courses with some even offering boarding facilities yet they were actually running normal secondary school lessons.

“It was further noted that the lecturers providing such services were also claiming part-time allowances from Government, incurring expenditure amounting to $161 544 per annum,” the report reads.

Government has been closing all leakages as part of its effort to reduce its salary bill.

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  • kutototo

    Strange how this report concentrates on the ministry of education and leaves out the gender and youth officers deployed in every ward and in Harare doing absolutely nothing, it talks about over staffing through lower teacher pupil ratio when most of the schools I know have as many as 60pupils in a class. Hameno isu we wait and see.

    • Asa

      As if teachers are the only ones that make up the service

  • major

    when Biti highlighted this during the GNU you thought he was haluscinating handiti!

  • tapera

    you report is good but mixed attend these things separately because if college students are getting their lessons from education centers and qualify what is wrong with that go cut parliament and cabinet if serious with zimbabwe

  • bhinikwa

    So we only conducted the audit because we couldnt pay workers. Audit is supposed to be part of the govt process of providing efficient & relevant services. This means had the diamond mines continued coughing money, this would have never been revealed. Cry the beloved country of “educated” people. One wonders if the land audit will ever be started and/or concluded.

  • Gushungo WekuGP

    This is a problem of sanctions

  • truths


  • chikos

    this needs to be checked in all ministries. maticha ndo adii veduwe. whenever there is something to do with reducing government expenditure ,the teaching sector is alway targeted . are they the only ciivil servants.

  • Mhof

    They were probably getting paid “off the payroll”

  • Tatenda

    Saka munhu akangouya muyard mangu ega akatanga kubhemba asina kundiudza tisina kuwiirana I am obligated to pay him????

    • matibiri

      murikubvunza zviri pamusoro apa here kana kuti?
      hapana pambotaurwa zveBemba pamusoro apo

    • Sadombo

      kkkkk its so weird, these guys need to give us a better explanation for these anomalies

  • Fred Muchena

    ‘youth officers’

  • Tom Toms

    Audit after audit, no action. Just more bills to pay the audit firms. Utter rubbish!!

  • karombe

    aiwa kwave kuda kuba ikoko. munotaura kuti vanhu vakawanda kudaro vaienda kubasa vasingabhadharwi sei. hapana zvakadaro, taurai zvimwe!

  • Bro Themba

    Im not a computer geek but surely there must be some cheap software out the which can help the gorvenment to create a unique identification number for all gvt workers.
    I think this ministry shud have been given to J Moyo. he would have sort this mess out by now.