12 MPs in US funding scandal

Bruce Wharton

Bruce Wharton

Herald Reporters
THE US government is reported to have found disciples in Zanu-PF whom it is giving money to fund community projects in their constituencies, a development that has raised eyebrows given the frosty relations between the revolutionary party and Washington which has been fighting to depose Zanu-PF over the years.
At least 12 Zanu-PF parliamentarians are reportedly working with the US Embassy in various initiatives in their constituencies, despite the frosty relations between Washington and Harare.

Although the projects are said to be spearheaded by Non-Governmental Organisations, the legislators were said to be heavily involved in them.
A Zanu-PF Senator privy to the developments described the party’s legislators involved in the project as “the dirty dozen’’ saying even the US itself would neither allow its Congressmen nor Senators to receive funding from hostile governments.

“This is a dirty dozen, disciples of regime change, MPs who shamelessly accepted 30 filthy pieces of silver from the very same Uncle Sam who takes pride in having imposed illegal and evil sanctions that have devastated the livelihoods of ordinary Zimbabweans across the country.

“It is a tragedy that this dirty dozen is either breathtakingly naive or hopelessly treacherous or both to the point of not seeing the harmful consequences of their actions,’’ she charged.

The Political Parties Finace Act criminalises foreign funding of political parties in Zimbabwe.
The US Embassy on Friday last week gave $90 000 in grants to six organisations from the country’s four provinces under the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Programme to enhance community projects.

The US ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Bruce Wharton, officially handed over the grant at a signing ceremony held in Harare.
The MPs invited to the event are; comrades Paul Mavhima (Gokwe Sengwa), Walter Kanhanga (Guruve North), Adam Chimwamurombe (Chipinge West), Chriswell Mutematsaka (Guruve South), MP Cde Batsirayi Pemhanayi (Mutare North), Enock Porusingazi (Chipinge West), Tapiwanashe Matangaidze (Shurugwi South), Temba Mliswa (Hurungwe West), Kindness Paradza (Makonde) David Butau (Mbire), Simbaneuta Mudarikwa (Uzumba) and another one from Masvingo province whose identity could not be ascertained by the time of going to Press.

Those who attended the signing ceremony are comrades Kanhanga, Chimwamurombe and Mutematsaka while the other nine did not attend the event.
According to sources said: “The nine allegedly felt the venue-US Embassy complex was not a good venue because of too many cameras and spying happening there.”
In an interview yesterday, Cde Kanhanga confirmed that he accepted the invitation and attended the signing ceremony because one of the NGO, Farmer’s Association of Community Self-Help Groups (FACHIG), which received a grant operated in his constituency.

He said FACHIG received $15 000 for community initiatives after it successfully applied for the grant following an advert flighted by the US Embassy in the media inviting those into community projects to apply for funding.

He said the $15 000 would be shared among the 36 people living with HIV and Aids that were selected from the constituency for poultry projects.
Cde Kanhanga denied that the funding of the community initiatives was political motivated and dismissed as cheap politics claims that he was part of the Zanu-PF legislators allegedly working with the US government.

“Everyone is entitled to his opinion,” said Cde Kanhanga adding, “Ndokunonzi kupenga ikoko, that is b****t.”
He said he was invited to the launch of the grant on the grounds that he was the MP for the constituency.

Cde Mutematsaka, who also attended the handover ceremony, said the grant had nothing to do with politics.
“A grant of $15 000 was given to a local NGO to do with the improvement of people living with HIV and Aids called FACHIG,” said Cde Mutematsaka.
He said claims that they were working with US government for regime change agenda were unfounded.

“These are unfounded allegations being peddled by people without correct information,” he said.
He said there were actually 12 Constituencies that have organisations benefiting from the US Embassy grants to steer their community projects.
Cde Porusingazi said although he was invited he did not attend the signing ceremony.

“My constituency had no link with the community projects the Americans are funding,” said Cde Porusingazi.
“The other reason why I did not want to go to the embassy, I wanted to be sure about the intention and purpose linked to the invitation since these people had no activity in my constituency.”

Cde Porusingazi added: “Unless they are working with some implementing partners such as Christian Care, World Vision, Plan International that operate in my constituency I have no business with them (US Embassy).

Cde Chimwamurombe confirmed attending the meeting, adding he did not see anything wrong in participating in the event.
“Two groups in my constituency received the money. Tongogara group through Christian Care received $24 000 and they are going to buy sewing machines, sponsor HIV and AIDS programmes and food security programmes. Musabayana village also received $13 000 and they are buying grinding mills where they will charge Rand 5 per bucket and they want to start a community garden where they will be drying some vegetables for sell,” he said.

He dismissed claims that he was working with the Americans to effect regime change from within.
He said it was pleasing that some NGOs had realised that Zanu-PF was in power and there was need to work local structures.
Cde Mavhima was also invited but did not attend the ceremony.

He said he only saw the invitation on Tuesday because he was out of Harare part of last week on government business.
“I did not go there because my priority is on Government business. Why would I go when I have more pressing Government business,” he said. Cde Mavhima also questioned how an invitation would prove that one was working with somebody.

“It does not make any sense. Whoever is saying that is desperate to tarnish other people’s names and would want to urge such people to do a proper homework before they start making such unfounded, baseless and malicious allegations.”

Cde Matangaidze said; “Yes I was invited. I did not attend because I did not know the organisation which had applied for the grant. I only read about it when It was published in the H Metro.”

Masvingo South PM, Cde Walter Muzembi, said there was one MP from Masvingo province who was invited.
“There is one from the province who was invited, but I have forgotten the name,” he said.

The other ones could not be reached for comment yesterday night.
However, speaking during the handover ceremony, Mr Wharton was quoted as saying the organisations played a critical role in promoting a healthy and prosperous Zimbabwe and commended their efforts to improve the lives of the people within their communities.

“Because of the excellence that you have demonstrated within your communities, we are pleased to announce that you’ll be collectively receiving $90 000 in grant funding from the Ambassador’s special self-help programme,” said Mr Wharton.

According to the report from the US embassy, the legislators who attended the ceremony hailed the US government’s commitment in promoting local community initiatives through funding aimed at enhancing sustainable development in Zimbabwe.

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  • Tarwiraushe

    I would rather have MPs who accept grants from the US, to develop their constituencies rather than have a govt claiming to be for the pple while raising taxes and import duty for it,s struggling citizens.To call these legislators the dirty dozen because they are accepting funding to help their suffering pple is ridiculous.If ZANU PF does not want its legislators to use filthy money to help their citizens then provide them with the resources. That,s what the US does they provide their legislators with federal money. Our businesses here are bankrupt so where do you expect these legislators to get resources from?Thank you America we have always known you to be generous pple.Our own rich bigwigs do not believe in helping the poor,they loot from us.

    • Tarubva

      I wanted to comment too, but there is no need now, you have said it all my pal!

    • guest

      As Zimbabwe is largely using US$ not the Chinese Yuan or the Malaysian rupee,should we be critical of those getting aid from the source of the most popular currency in the nation.

  • makanda

    Watch out whenever your hear your enemy refers to someone as a moderate leader. Vanenge vachireva kuti watakatenga.

  • Truth seeker

    You are number one at vilifying MPs who are actually trying to help the country’s community, and being productive, but you fail and totally totally ignore the other corrupt and unproductive MPs who are sabotaging the country.

  • Shumba

    Nothing wrong with those mps, it shows they care for the people who chose them,stupid story

  • magonde

    Any MP who thinks that the US money is non-political is manic, lunatic and neurotic. The US doesn’t give money for nothing. Ask Tsvangirai, they expected him to effect regime change in Zimbabwe and when he failed, they dumped him like a soiled diaper. If you accept US money, you are signing an agreement with the devil. Any word that comes from the US government is b*****t. According to Nelson Mandela, the US “doesn’t care about human beings.” They are the worst of the worst of animal species. Keep an eye on these Zanu PF MPs. When next elections come, America will ask these MPS for some favours of regime change, because if you scratch my back, I scratch yours. I am shocked my own MP Kindness Paradza is in this dirty dozens. Never trust US/UK/EU. They are genetically evil.

  • zimbo

    Whats thd story here. Not dure what thd herald is trying to say. Nothing wrong with this. Poor reporting and poor perspective. Useless reportage.

  • mugopower

    How is this a scandal? Sensationalising a small event. This is the worst reporting I have ever seen.

    • KING

      poor journalism

  • siyaso

    i do not see anything wrong. I thought an advert was publicly flighted in the papers for people or organisations to apply. There is nothing clandestine here, What is wrong with helping your own people, bettering their lives,. why do we have to be seeing ghosts behind every bush ,when there are none.


    porusinganzwi idofo.pachecheche paonabva akavake zvinhu zvakawanda ngemare dzemukoto .aana chanope munhu asi wode kuti varombo vanorwara vanyimwe chinoponesa.mwari ngaamudetsere

  • Chiguri Mabarwe

    Lets face the sanction are on RGM and other rogue buddies on travel and other activities that some of us live for, shopping. Zimbabwe received $225 million in aid when we were good boys and was earmarked for education. Hatisati tabhandara zvikwereti to IMF, They call it aid reason why some people think its free money. Akabhandara opuhwa chikwereti chitsva. We should blame ourselves for corruption and plundering instead of paying bills.

    Rema ndirorinoramba kupuhwa mari. Hukamaiko hunenge husahwira start with small amounts and being grateful. These twelve just demonstrate that they a open minded who can do more good for their constituents. The $225Million we used to receive whrm all ZANU PF put their costituents first and stop saying the West cam go to hell or China shamed the West.

  • Mai 2

    Saka you’d rather pple suffer in their constituencies bcz they are ‘patriotic’ asi imi and your children murikudya and living the life, vana vachichata michato inotyisa? Chokwadi nei vanhu veZPF makaoma moyo zvakadai? Honestly what kind of a father refuses outside help claiming sovereignity asi akatarisa vana vachifa? Do these constituencies have alternative sources of income yamungati aah ko why did u take funding from the US when u cld have gotten the same funding from so and so (pamwe maChina pamwe maRussians?). Musadaro veduwe, I am shocked and hurt at the level of disregard our own govt has for its pple. Dai mati veduwe mari torai kumaConstituency to help the pple but beware of the Americans who can use this funding to effect regime change zviri nani than labelling pple who are genuinely concerned abt their constituents as the ‘dirty dozen’! To the so called ‘dirty dozen’ ndinoti ndinoti “do right by yo constituents, u owe them that much after they put u in power. Do not be derailed by these malicious elements claiming to be more patriotic than everyone else. Hupenyu hwevanhu can not be used to play silly political games like these. Soldier on and come 2018 munodzoserwa panzvimbo zvekare!”

  • chibaba chacho

    “The Dirty Dozen”, i have laughed my lungs out

  • chokwadichakanaka

    These MPs are clever as they seek to improve their poor communities. If not mistaken Britian and America fund so many NGOs in Zimbabwe and the funding has got a blessing from our ZANU PF government. Are we saying everyone in government is a sellout? Let’s shun cheap politics and concentrate on developmental issues. According to my analysis 7 of the cited MPs belongs to a certain ZANU PF faction which is fought from the left, right and the centre. I am not certain about the remaining five but hey, God help our country Zimbabwe and our ruling ZANU PF. I am praying also that the Herald should not be used to settle factional scores.

  • Mhondoro

    So now who are these nameless “Herald Reporters” who penned this article and who is this”Senior Senator”, who again has very strong views but again is nameless. This is cowardly and unprofessional journalism. A total abuse of the Herald to attack people without foundation and the Editor should be ashamed for publishing something like this. Totally unprofessional….

  • Difficult Munetsi

    Ah, did they accept the funds to develop themselves or the community? Ko president zvamakapiwa funding ne China takapururudza wani? I think this is all about who has funded not otherwise. Hands up to the 12 MPs

  • Mai 2

    Mimi mwana waamai apa maMP haana nyaya kana havo apa. Manzwiro andazviita ndeekuti maadverts were flighted for organisations who were interested in funding and those who were interested then responded. Selection yemaorganisations yapera ndokubva vakuru vemaconstituency vadaidzwa (vanova ndivo maMP) kuti huyai muone tichipa vanhu venyu rubatsiro. Zvino MP akaenda kuhand over ceremony onzi akushanda neAmerica here? There was nothig wrong in the US govt acknowledging local leadership yemabeneficiary avo after all zvinozenge zvichiitwa muconstituency mavo. Apa pangoita benzi rinoda kukonzeresa apa saka President vakati tingwarire maweevil seeking to destroy the party from within. Kungotsvaga pekurwisanisa vana vanyamunhu chete apa.

  • bodo_kwete

    majerasi chete! Ndiani anoramba mari yekuti vanhu varapwe kana kuti vatenge fetiraiza. Some people in Zanu are thinking with their assholes.

    • Fle


  • Pathetic

    Ma Journalist sorry vanhu veHerald matanga manje.Hatisi vana vaduku.Siyanai ne factionalism yeZanu

  • Ishe Munyoro

    Saka vanhu vofa zvavo ne aids here?

  • Journal

    They should put the names of the people writing this kind of rubbish instead of saying Herald Reporters. This is a stupid article.

  • dusty

    saka vanhu vofa nezhara?

  • http://www.zimbabweichanaka.co.zw Joseph Gabriel

    And then they say we don’t need the West blah blah blah we don’t need Britain. if a man’s house has no food he should be man enough to sweep streets to feed his family not take away the bit they have left to make life harder.

  • bodo_kwete

    tell him. he thinks chinese are angels from God.


    If that is the case, that we have “a dirty dozen” then it will only be fair to call all zimbabweans “a dirty lot” because we are using the US$ from an evil country which imposed evil sanctions on us. SAKA PASI NE US$, ngaridzokere kumusha kwaro, tione


    Aiwa Magonde ngaaende kunofudza mbudzi nokuti akanovhiya anosvibisa chikumba. Kure, kure uko, wagutisa Yusa!

  • Wilson Magaya

    The people receiving the money are not the so called “dirty dozen” its the people of Zimbabwe and I think the people of Zimbabwe are free, by virtue of our constitution and the core of our values as a people, to do business with whom so ever they choose. The MPs are playing their role and that is showing support to anyone whose business might better the situation of the people in their constituencies. Thumbs up to all of them and thank you to the giver. Let bygones be just that, BYGONES